Rhetorik, wenn Sie Englisch sprechen

Englisch, so sagt Kurt Tucholsky ist „eine einfache, aber schwere Sprache. Es besteht aus lauter Fremdwörtern, die falsch ausgesprochen werden.“
Kurt Tucholsky (1890-1935), dt. Schriftsteller

Welcome to my English courses

I strongly believe that you may use Rhetoric in any language. The ancient Rhetoricians promoted bilingualism, as well as to use it accordingly. It sharpens the senses and helps us to understand language.

However, in order to persuade rhetorically, it is best to know the target language inside out.

That is why I invite you to test your English and get started. Improve your Business English right here and now.

Mit mir chatten
Skype  or call me and let’s get started.


Take a look and listen:

Business Englisch with Judith Torma

Improve your Business English with Business Spotlight

After studying American Science at the University of Tübingen with a strong focus on American Rhetoric and Speeches, I started teaching English in 2005.

Business Spotlight is my favorite media for teaching English. I simply love the mixture of texts with different levels of language. Reading texts and increasing your wordpower is as fascinating as the fun and entertaining tests and exercises.


Besides teaching in classrooms, I enjoy Skype sessions. It is easys, long distance learning and still very personal and face to face.  The direct interaction with my students is the center focus of my teachings.

With lots of fun exercises my students prepare themselves before class. Doing some reading or fill-in the blank test or vocabulary trainging. We have lots of material to choose from.

While the 30 minute skype session we talk. When I say we talk, it should be the student doing most of the talking. My goal is that you, as my student talk 80 % out of our time.

I am your sparigns partner. Here you may feel save to explore the language and receive helpful inside into grammar and vocabulary.

I teach international English

For five years now I live in a relationship, in which we speak for languages every single day. German, Portuguese, Hungarian and English.

Because of that I have a strong focus of intercultural issues. English the motor to bring Business forward. But there not the one English language any more.

Even if all people speak  international English, cultures differ. For me that is enough to always focus on the cultural background of my students and the target addressee of their speeches, meetings or talks.

This is how my webinar works

1. We test your level of English – that is free of charge for you – I will provide a language test and we will talk for 15 minutes.

2. You tell me in which fields you want to improve: vocabulary, sitiuations, grammar, media and we compare that with your language test.

3. I write an offer which includes detailed topics, focus and number of units.

4. After you except my offer we agree on one, two or three lessons per week. It has proven to work well, if students take on two lessons for about 10 or 15 weeks at a time.

5. For each unite you will receive a workload of texts, tests, grammar or vabulary which you will work on for 30 minutes, after that we will phone or skype for another 30 minutes. You will be doing most of the talking.

With two lessons per week you will be working on your English for about 2 hours.

6. You choose your time and place of learning. With this combined English lessons you may choose when and where you want to learn. Evening and weekend appointments are available, too.

 Pick your topics

  • Grammar for beginners, for pros and for seekers
  • Wordpower – vocabulary
  • become friends with false-friends
  • idiomatic language
  • on the phone – pick up the line
  • telephone conferences
  • English for business trips (hotel, airport, cap, restaurant, reservations)
  • successful meetings – make a plan and follow thru
  • sucessful web-meetings
  • English for international conferences
  • become a better conversationist
  • become big on small talk
  • prepare for negotiations
  • suprise with persuasive presentations
  • English for marketing
  • sucessful e-mails in English
  • write professional letters in English
  • hunting for a job
    • how to get a job
    • successful job applications
    • success at job fairs

Many more topics are possible. Take your pick

Just call me and we get started: 03385 51 79 39


SAP Beratung FI; FI-AA ;CO;Authorisation;Migration
Kunzel SAP FI; FI-AA; CO Freiberufler

Empfehlungsschreiben:„Sehr zu empfehlen. Sehr gute Lehrerin.“  17.05.2010

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m3 management Consulting GmbH
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SellWell Consulting
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Empfehlungsschreiben:„Frau Torma hat einen Business English – Kurs gegeben, in dem sehr viel praktische Anwendungen vermittelt wurden, die auch weiterhin immer wieder Einsatz finden.
Auf die gemeinsam erstellten Unterlagen bieten immer wieder ein gutes NAchschlagewerk….  » mehr  18.05.2010
Hinaus in die Welt damit. Danke!
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